Cloud OCR SDK Documentation

Online Purchase Guide

In this section you will find detailed instructions on buying a package for your application. You will need either a PayPal account or a debit/credit card to complete the purchase.

  1. Register to create an account with ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK if you do not have one.
  2. If you want to receive PDF invoices for your purchases, please enable the option "Send PDF invoices for every completed purchase" and fill in the invoice settings in your Account Settings.
  3. After logging in you will see the dashboard representing your existing applications. If you need to buy a page set for one of these, click Add pages near its title and proceed to step 4.
    Add pages for an existing application
  4. If you need to buy pages for a new application, click Add new application below the list of applications. After you entered a name, click Create Application.
    Create a new application
    If the application has been created successfully, you will see the success screen and the password will be sent to your email address. Click Proceed and you will be prompted to buy a set of pages for this application.
  5. You will be redirected to the Store screen. Select a volume pack and click Buy now! in the bottom of the column.
    Store screen
  6. Review your purchase and click Payment to complete the procedure. You will be redirected to PayPal website.
    Review order screen
  7. Choose the method of payment. You can pay with a PayPal account or with a debit or credit card.
    Choose the method of payment
  8. Enter the required information about your account or card. The PayPal website contains a Customer Support section with further details.
  9. After confirming the purchase, you will be returned to the Store screen. 
    After purchase screen
    You can review the history of your purchases by clicking Order history in the left panel of the catalog.
    Order history
  10. After the purchase is completed you will receive e-mail notification in confirmation of your purchase. If the option "Send PDF invoices for every completed purchase" was enabled (see  step 2), the PDF receipt for the purchase will be attached to the e-mail.
  11. If at any time you need to check the balance of your application, log in to your dashboard and you will see the balance of pages and the expiration date. You will also receive notifications from ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK when the balance is running low or the expiration date is near. See Service Notifications for more details.