Develop For Free

Every registered user is provided with a free test package of pages for recognition so that you can get started right away. No upfront payments, so you pay only for production use.

Free features

Free Sample Images

Test your application with our ready-to-use Sample Images free of charge. They contain most of the common types of documents you may need.

Free features

Free Re-Recognition of All Images Uploaded Once

In addition to the free test package, we would like to save you from paying for every debug iteration in your development process. That’s why re-recognition of the same image is free within 42 hours after upload. Refer to billing terms for details.

Free features

Free Barcode Recognition

Our barcode recognition feature has a wide variety of uses (e.g. to identify a new document in the batch or to capture additional metadata from the document). We are delighted to offer you barcode recognition completely free of charge.