Professional tools in OCR Web API

Enjoy high-end recognition features that have been developed to meet the strict requirements of the document-conversion industry.

OCR web API in ABBYY cloud SDK

Receipt recognition

Capture receipt fields with a single method call. No training or template creation required! Get ready-to-use technology and skip such challenging tasks as tuning an OCR SDK for receipt capture and implementation of own parsing.

OCR web API in ABBYY cloud SDK

Checkmarks and Handprint text

Apply market-unique ad-hoc features - checkmark recognition and handprinted text recognition in 113 languages to process forms and questionnaires easily.

OCR web API in ABBYY cloud SDK

Business Card Recognition

Use ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK’s business card API to develop mobile and PC applications that convert a captured business card image into vCard format with a single method call.

OCR web API in ABBYY cloud SDK

Field Recognition

Field recognition is ideal if you need to process only a specific field within an image of a document, and it supports text fields up to 50 characters long. The system recognizes a field vs. a full document and charges you accordingly, so you get what you pay for. Recognition of a text snippet by ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service is 5 times less expensive than full A4 page recognition.


MRZ Recognition

Recognize passports and ID cards using OCR API, designed specifically for MRZ string recognition. It allows parsing of MRZ strings, automatic extraction of all fields and their export to XML file.

OCR web API in ABBYY cloud SDK

The Largest Language Pack

Sell your application worldwide with 198 OCR languages supported, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. You get the world’s languages from a single vendor. And, ABBYY’s linguistic leadership in the industry is unrivaled.

OCR web API in ABBYY cloud SDK

Professional Support

We’ll do our best to help you in your development. ABBYY’s qualified support team and our growing developer community of highly-skilled ABBYY Cloud SDK users are at your service. We welcome your contribution. Feel free to ask any questions!